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Dual Technology Tag (EAS+RFID) for Retail

More and more large chain stores are reaping the benefits from widely deploying RFID technology. However, RFID is a winning technology for smaller retailers, as well. It's easier to deploy than ever, and EAS+RFID Dual Technology offers the fastest return on investment for  upgrading store security systems.


Dual technology tags offer retailers a way to leverage RFID tools for in-store inventory visibility and at the same time continuing to use EAS tags as a theft deterrent, without having to apply two separate tags to products.  Retailers who get the dual benefits of inventory visibility and loss prevention with a single tag enjoy cost savings over purchasing separate EAS and RFID tags.


Benefits of the Dual Technology Tags:

·         Reduced consumables cost and simplified sourcing, by using a single tag.

·         Improved shelf replenishment in-store, resulting in increased sales and customer satisfaction.

·         Improved supply chain visibility, for protection against internal theft, vendor fraud, counterfeiting and diversion.

·         Improved inventory accuracy and item location for omni-channel fulfillment.

·         Reduction in buffer inventory and working capital.


Increasingly, EAS vendors are actively helping retailers transition from EAS to RFID by converting conventional EAS portals to dual-purpose portals that recognize both EAS and RFID tags, and by providing hybrid EAS-RFID hard tags.


Dual tag selection is one of the critical factors for successful deployment to gain greater efficiency. That's because creating the dual technology tag is more than adding an RFID inlay into an existing EAS tag. Experienced know-how in both RFID and EAS technology is essential to tune both EAS and RFID to their optimal performance and produce the dual tags with consistent quality.

Why choose Century Link RFID or RFID-enabled EAS dual Hard Tag?


Century Link has more than 15 years of specialized experience in designing and manufacturing of EAS products and superior expertise in RFID technology,which provides optimal EAS+RFID dual technology tags to improve retail business.


 About us:

·  Delivered over 2 billon EAS hard tags worldwide.

·  Owns the capacity to manufacture 300 million RFID and dual hard tags annually..

·  Knows how to produce consistent performance for both RFID and dual hard tags.

·  Dedicates more than 100 engineers to keep pushing the boundaries of RFID and dual hard tag technology.


Make Century Link your one stop source for RFID or RFID + EAS Dual Hard Tag solutions!

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