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Apparel Hard Tag T829

Apparel Hard Tag T829

The RFID pin is a replacement of the traditional pin used with the EAS tag. It has a unique ID and can store additional information. It upgrades the EAS system, and provides more advanced functions.

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Code No.: T829
Category by Application: Apparel & Retail
Dimension: 40×22mm/ 1.57×0.87in
Material: ABS
Attachment: Fix with a Pin or landyard
Frequency: 902-928MHz or 865-868MHz
Integrated Circuit [IC]: Higgs 3/M4QT
Read Range(ERP 2W): Fixed: Up to 4 m (13 feet) / HHT: Up to 2 m (6.5 feet)


* Widely compatible with existing EAS tag to upgrade its RFID features

* Fast and easy deployment with Rfid Technology just change the pin

Use Case

Apparel and retail shrinkage, inventory control and supply chain management