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Century' s Newly Launched Metrack Series for Outdoor Asset Management


Hangzhou China---June 28, 2017---Today, RFID Technology Specialized Products Solution Provider Century RFID introduces a brand new on-metal RAIN RFID tag series for industrial asset management. Metrack Series is Century’s second industrial on-metal tag series for industrial assets since the launch of Tough Series. Designed with industrial environment and customer requirements in mind, Century’s new Metrack series aims to offer a broad selection of on-metal tags for customers. 

The Metrack family has three new members now, which are respectively Metrack 100, 200, and 300. The Metrack Series features durable and high environmental resistance on the metal surface, and has an IP68 rating. This makes it the optimal choice for outdoor applications. 

Metrack 200 and 300 are best suited for metal assets in outdoor heavy environments and can be deployed on various medium- or large-size metal assets. They both come with NXP Ucode 7XM+, which contains 2 Kbits of user memory and 448 bits of EPC memory. It offers extended user memory to store data and extreme long read range. In addition, both of them are available for customized printing, meeting customers specific needs for visualized information on the tag surface, such as logo, barcode or text. It comes with adhesive and rivet hole mounting options. Metrack 200, the smaller version, measures 136×45×11mm (5.35” ×1.77”×0.43”). The read range is up to 12 meters with fixed readers and up to 6 meters with handheld readers (EIRP 2W). Metrack 300 measures 150×60×12mm (5.90”×2.36”×0.47”), with a read range up to 15 meters with fixed readers, and up to 8 meters with handheld readers (EIRP 2W). 

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Century’s Metrack 100 provides superior performance for outdoor- or indoor asset management. It utilizes Impinj Monza R6 or Monza R6P chips and provides on-metal read range of up to 7 meters. The tag measures 103×24×6.8mm (4.06”×0.94”×0.27”) and comes with adhesive and rivet hole mounting options. With its slim and sleek structure design, is very easy and convenient to deploy. 

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For more information about Metrack Series or free samples, please contact Century RFID at rfid.info@century-cn.com to learn more.