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Industry news
  • 2017-06-14

    RFID for Retail: Know the Pros and Cons

    RFID is among the hottest trends in the retail industry, assuming you have the right plan for implementation.RFID, or radio frequency identification, has come a long way since the early 2000s. At that time, Walmart was the first big retailer to experiment with the new technology, which cost an as…

  • 2017-05-26

    Benefits of implementing RFID in Supply Chain Management

    Supply chain management is generally seen as complex and knowledge intensive process. In this article Roksana Parvin, a supply chain management professional, elaborates on the benefits of implementing RFID in supply chain management.BENEFITS OF IMPLEMENTING RFID IN SUP…

  • 2017-05-08

    The Internet of Things lets you control your world with a smartphone

    Bob Miller of La Mesa nodded at a big chair in his living room and said, “Someday, I’ll be able to control my whole world from right there.”He was holding a smartphone whose apps already let him do many things, from adjust the thermostat to run the DVR to turn on his lawn sprinklers.Dozens of …