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Our complete product brochure is free to download. Century's products have been also widely used in the Global Laundry, Apparel, Retail, IT Assets, Vehicle Management and Healthcare.

Industry news
  • 2016-02-26

    Creating a Faster ROI for RFID

    The benefits of radio frequency identification are many and varied and span numerous sectors, but RFID products have something in common with all other types of capital equipment: Before purchasing and deploying an RFID solution, a company must first be convinced that…

  • 2016-01-21

    Three trends to watch for at NRF 2016

    The NRF annual “Big Show” conference is always marked by a few key technology trends. While the event has been known to throw a few unexpected surprises at attendees, usually it confirms and advances the direction industry momentum has been traveling.The NRF annual “Big Show” conference is …

  • 2015-11-02

    Retail 3.0

    According to several retail industry experts, we are well on our way to "Retail 3.0"—a trend characterized as a power shift from the retailer to the individual consumer. Instead of retailers deciding what brands and items to carry in which stores and at what cost, consumers are using the Inte…