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Our complete product brochure is free to download. Century's products have been also widely used in the Global Laundry, Apparel, Retail, IT Assets, Vehicle Management and Healthcare.

Company news
  • 2016-11-30

    The New "MINI" RFID Label is IDEAL for Small Retail Items

    It is always hard for retailers to manage the stock of Small merchandise. Century’s newly launched MINI label is specially designed for use on small retail items in Cosmetics and Health & Beauty. Its small form factor and stable RFID performance provide the optimal solution for deal…

  • 2016-11-29

    Retail Inventory and Loss Prevention Combined

    Modern retailers face all the usual threats from competition, shifting market forces, changing consumer trends, etc., but one of the worst threats they face is inventory loss due to theft. A lot of employees and would-be criminals at retail chains wrongly assume that a large retailer can afford this kind …