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Our complete product brochure is free to download. Century's products have been also widely used in the Global Laundry, Apparel, Retail, IT Assets, Vehicle Management and Healthcare.

Company news
  • 2016-08-31

    Smart Assets for IoT with RFID

    The Internet of Things, or IoT, is a term that generally references smartphones, smart machinery, and other devices that connect to the Internet and communicate with users through a digital signal. However, in order to achieve a completely connected IoT reality – especially when it comes to optimi…

  • 2016-08-01

    How to use RFID to Control Shrink of Towels, Bedding, and Linens

    Any business with a massive laundry inventory of towels, bedding and linens ­­— like an industrial laundry, commercial cleaner, hospital or hotel — faces very real productivity challenges. One of the most obvious challenges relates to efficiency in tracking items and keeping shrink to a minimum. In o…