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Our complete product brochure is free to download. Century's products have been also widely used in the Global Laundry, Apparel, Retail, IT Assets, Vehicle Management and Healthcare.

Textile Management
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Century RFID's laundry tags are specially designed to meet the tracking requirements of the laundry industry and uniform management in hotels or hospitals etc. They are easily affixed onto textile products using a standard sewing process. The laundry tags can be sewed along the edge of the item or embedded into the item, and can withstand washing, dry clean as well as high temperature sterilization.

  • TexTrack M: Laundry tag CE37003

  • TexSilicon L: Laundry Tag CE37002

  • TexSilicon M: Laundry tag CE37001

  • TexSilicon Slim: Laundry Tag CE36083

  • Silicon CE36019